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CULE supports Canadian Boat to Gaza

The Canadian Union of Labour Employees (CULE) stand in solidarity with the Canadian Boat to Gaza, the Tahrir (Liberation in Arabic) and the Freedom Flotilla 2 — Stay Human.  We support the flotilla’s goals of delivering humanitarian aid to occupied Gaza, and to breaking the illegal blockade imposed by Israel.

The Canadian Boat to Gaza is an initiative of diverse civil society organizations and individuals who are committed to upholding international law through non-violent direct action. Their cargo is made up of much-needed medical supplies.

Unfortunately, most of the boats were scheduled to leave from Greece over a week ago, but the Greek government, which has been historically supportive, has come under Israeli and US pressure and is preventing the flotilla from leaving – essentially expanding the blockade of Gaza to the shores of Greece.

Two days ago, when the Canadian boat attempted to leave port, it was boarded and deliberately damaged by the Greek Coast Guard and three Canadians were arrested and charged.

CULE calls on the Canadian government to support these Canadians who are risking their lives to aid the population of Gaza. Gaza is the biggest open air prison in the world, and its civilian population is subject to collective punishment contrary to international law.

We also call on the Greek authorities to immediately allow the flotilla boats to leave Greek ports and stop enforcing the inhumane Gaza blockade on the shores of Greece.

Furthermore, we add our voice to other civil society organizations from around the world, and in Israel itself, and call on Israel to immediately end the blockade of Gaza.

Canadian Union of Labour Employees (CULE)

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