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CULE Statement on May 1st

Canadian Union of Labour Employees (CULE) members stand shoulder-to-shoulder with workers on May 1st International Workers Day!

As CULE members we are proud to be part of building the workers’ movement in Canada. Each day we struggle to improve workers rights and conditions at the workplace and in our society. We see this struggle as a part of the struggle of workers around the world.

This is one reason why CULE has an active International Solidarity Committee that encourages its members to build international solidarity and to use our Solidarity Fund to support and fund initiatives which develop linkages to other worker and labour organizations in other countries and better the quality of life of majority world workers.

As we mark international worker day, we salute the workers and organizations that we are supporting this year:

In Guyana – The Railway View Project is underway and aims to increase literacy levels and improve access to resources and facilities that support adult learning among sugar estate workers in Railway View, Guyana.

In the Philippines – We are continuing our support of the “Adopt an Organizer” program of the Vancouver & District Labour Council, where CULE has “adopted” Precy Dagooc, a strong woman trade unionist who works for MAKABAYAN (Workers for People’s Liberation), which includes unions from the communications workers, industrial and agricultural unions.

CULE, through its International Solidarity Committee, plans to continue to expand our outreach amongst workers in various countries, most importantly with organizations that we can develop strong relationships with that help build the workers movement.

CULE takes to heart that an injury to one is an injury to all, no matter where in the world, and its members will continue the historic fight for workers rights!

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