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CULE Statement on December 20, International Human Solidarity Day

The United Nations’ (UN) International Human Solidarity Day is annually held on December 20 to celebrate unity in diversity. It also aims to remind people on the importance of solidarity in working towards eradicating poverty.

The International Human Solidarity Day was first proclaimed on December 22, 2005, at the UN General Assembly. It was proclaimed that International Solidarity Day would take place on December 20 each year. The event aimed to raise people’s awareness of the importance of advancing the international development agenda and promoting global understanding of the value of human solidarity. The assembly felt that the promotion of a culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing was important in combating poverty. Some of the activities that groups and organizations can engage in to promote International Human Solidarity Day are organize around issues such as:

  1. Banning land mines.

  2. Making health and medication accessible to those in need.

  3. Relief efforts to help those who suffered the effects of natural or human-made disasters.

  4. Achieving universal education.

  5. Fighting against poverty, corruption and terrorism

CULE as an organization is committed to Social Justice Work and has negotiated a Social Justice Fund Clause in their Collective Agreement. In the last few years CULE has supported working class campaigns and campaigns that fight against corruption and poverty. CULE has supported campaigns in the Philippines, Middle East, Africa, Guyana, Honduras, Cuba as well as campaigns within Canada. CULE has provided funding to campaigns that engage in education and projects to address poverty and corruption. On December 20, 2011, CULE salutes its membership who engage in Human Solidarity in both their work and private lives.

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