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CULE Shines the Light on Non-Responsive Employer

For the last 18 months a variety of issues have been raised by CULE at the National Union/Management Consultation (UMC) meetings. Unfortunately, the employer has failed to respond in whole or in part to a majority of those issues. Not only is this frustrating for your representatives at the UMC meetings but we expect that it is even more frustrating to the CULE membership.

Currently, we have approximately twenty-three (23) items that have not been properly addressed by the employer. Some of these issues go back as far as March 2011!

The attached list identifies the UMC items in question. The dates in brackets beside the agenda item identify the UMC meetings where this item was discussed. CULE Directors will be providing this document to all Regional Coordinator’s at upcoming Regional UMC’s in the hope that responses can be received at that level.

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