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CULE/PSAC Bargaining Update #3 – July 26, 2013

Your negotiating team met with the Employer for the second time July 22-24 in Ottawa.  The CULE bargaining team consists of:  Monika Duggal, Sean Glavine, Marija Babic, and Dave Jackson.  Unfortunately due to a personal issue Sister Joan Ann Gravesande was unable to join us.  The employer representatives are: Mark Pecek, Gabriel Bergeron and Sue Jones.

We began with the non-monetary proposals from the last session and were able to complete our discussions on those issues.  We then began our discussions on the monetary proposals in our package.  We were able to agree on some, amend others and withdraw some of these proposals in an attempt to move towards the priorities in our bargaining proposal package.  On Thursday morning we tabled our comprehensive economic proposal, which is posted below.

  1. Download the CULE Pay Proposal

The employer continues to hold to proposals that will negatively affect Unit II members in regards to overtime for work and travel, and MOA #16 – Career Enhancement Position.  Both of these proposals are nothing short of a rollback. Furthermore the Employer has put CULE on notice that it will not honour MOA #4 – Staff Conferences.

Our next meeting with the employer will be November 13-14, 2013 in Ottawa.  If more information or clarification is required please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the negotiating team.

In Solidarity, Your Negotiating Team.

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