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CULE/PSAC Bargaining Update #2

Your negotiating team met with the Employer for the first time May 7, 8, and 9 in Ottawa.  The CULE bargaining team consists of:  Monika Duggal, Sean Glavine, Marija Babic, Joan-Ann Gravesande and Dave Jackson.  The employer representatives are: Mark Pecek, Gabriel Bergeron and Sue Jones.

After some administrative details were discussed the parties went through the exercise of identifying the monetary and non-monetary proposals.  Both sides then went through their non-monetary proposals and provided each other with information related to the rationale behind those proposals. While the discussions were respectful and a fair exchange of information took place the employer has tabled some proposals which can only be categorized as concessions.  A majority of these concessions affect our Unit II members greatly.

For example, the employer is not interested in continuing to fund any Career Enhancement Positions (CEP) as found in the current MOA #16.   This program has been successful in providing our Unit II members with the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain additional knowledge in order to successfully compete in promotional opportunities.  The decision to not continue to fund the CEP program sends a very negative message to our Unit II members.  As well, the employer wants to rollback the gain made during the last round of bargaining as it relates to Article 18.02 b).   This was a benefit to Unit II members as it relates to overtime for work and travel.

Our next meeting with the employer will be June 13 & 14, 2013 in Ottawa.  At that time we fully expect to move into discussions related to the monetary proposals of the parties.  As well, we will be tabling our economic proposal.

The complete proposal packages of both parties are available below

  1. CULE Bargaining Proposals 2013

  2. Employer Bargaining Proposals 2013

Your Negotiating Team.

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