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CULE/PSAC Bargaining Update #1

Your bargaining team held their first meeting via teleconference to discuss a number of very important issues.  Let’s first introduce your bargaining team:

  1.  Unit II – Monika Duggal (Winnipeg RO) & Marija Babic (Edmonton RO)

  2. Unit I – Carm Chan (Edmonton RO) & Sean Glavine (Yellowknife RO)

  3. Equity – Joan-Ann Gravesande (Toronto RO)

  4. Chair – Dave Jackson (Victoria RO)

Your bargaining team will meet March 9-10, 2013 to review and consider all bargaining input and make a recommendation on each proposal.  We will also identify bargaining priorities.

In advance of our meeting date your CULE Director will be holding regional meetings to share with each member in that region all of the bargaining input submitted from that particular region.  It will be the opportunity for you to provide feedback, make recommendations on those proposals and to identify priorities you want to be brought forward for this round of bargaining.  The results of these regional meetings will be forwarded to your bargaining team.

Once your bargaining team does their work a draft package of recommended proposals and priorities will be shared with you for review and further feedback.

Notice to bargain will be served on the employer on or about January 31, 2013.  Discussion regarding dates to commence face to face negotiations will take place soon after the notice to bargain is served.

We are excited to get to the bargaining table to convince the employer that the   the proposals submitted by CULE members are of the utmost importance.  In order to achieve our goals we will need the continued support of all CULE members.

In solidarity, Your Negotiating Team.

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