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CULE Negotiating Team

The following CULE members have been elected to the CULE/PSAC Negotiating Team:

  1. CULE I – Jim Brohman, Debbie McLaughlin

  2. CULE II – Diane Gallant, Marion Agadzi

  3. EQUITY – Janelle Ho-Shing (by acclamation)

After the ballots were counted Marion Agadzi and Barb Fayant were tied for the 2nd CULE II position on the team and run-off vote was in the process of being scheduled. However, Barb has decided to withdraw for personal reasons, and Marion will sit on the team. Barb will serve as the Unit II alternate. Doug Kosakowski was the first runner up in the Unit I election and will serve as alternate. Dave Jackson, as CULE President, is also a member of the team.

Congratulations all, we know you will do CULE proud!

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