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CULE membership meeting minutes, National Officers Conference, April 21, 2005

As per the CULE Constitution a CULE membership meeting was held on Thursday, April 21, 2005 commencing at 6 p.m.

Chairperson: Dave Jackson, CULE President

The CULE Executive made their introductions.

There were approximately 45 CULE members present.


* JPAC Report (Brother Doyle) * Pension Presentation (Brother Goddard) * CULE Convention Committee Report (Brother Hamilton) * Merger – Recommendation (Brother Dudar) * Supporting Wal Mart Workers (Sister Cadieux) * CULE Website (Sister Miazga)

1. Dave Doyle provided an update from the JPAC (Joint Pension Advisory Committee). Arthur Carkner spoke about Socially Responsible Investments. 2. Garry Goddard made a presentation on the Pension fund and his staff role as the Pension Officer. 3. Tom Hamilton brought the membership up to date on the CULE Convention that will be held in Cuba. The original dates in December 2005 have now changed due to the unavailability of a location that could accommodate persons under the age of 14. The Convention will now be held January 20-21, 2006.

A survey developed by Marion Agadzi was distributed. The Convention Committee will be meeting on Saturday and further information will be distributed as soon as possible.

A recommendation was made that the CULE Executive re-survey the membership with a view to holding the Convention somewhere other than Cuba. This recommendation was defeated.

Several members asked questiions and gave their thoughts about the Convention. Thorough discussion took place.

4. Walmart – Adopt a Family Campaign

Angele Cadieux advised that $3,900.00 has been raised for Walmart families affected by the closure of the Walmart in Quebec. A recommendation for CULE to provide financial support to this campaign was passed.

5. Merger Recommendation

The following recommendation, put forward by Don Dudar, was passed.

Whereas the last round of bargaining with the Employer demonstrated a need for all PSAC staff to examine options in respect to maximizing our collective bargaining power for future negotiations,and;

Whereas AEU members passed a motion at their March 2005 Annual General Meeting to strike a Committee to investigate options of an affiliation with a CLC affiliated union and/or merger with CULE;

Therefore be it resolved that the CULE Executive strike a Committee consisting of one CULE member-at-large from each region for the purpose of investigating options of an affiliation with a CLC affiliated union and/or merger with AEU, and;

Therefore be it further resolved that Committee representatives will be elected by members of their respective regions and that the Committee shall provide a written report and presentation to the CULE Convention in December 2005.

6. Suggestion was made that the most recent financial statements be posted on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

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