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CULE members look for PSAC Anti-Racism Policy

well, where is it?

On March 21, 2008 – People around the world honour International Day to End Racial Discrimination by engaging in various activities that promote the end of racism throughout the world. PSAC members and staff engage in activities that assist in this work.

In 2003 Workers of Colour and Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis Workers (WOCAMI) from the three staff unions – CULE, UES and AEU came together from December 3 -5, 2003 for their first conference. The conference participants made a clear recommendation that the Employer in consultation with the three unions develop an anti racism policy through the Joint Employment Equity Committee (JEEC)

In December, 2006, the second WOCAMI conference was held in Ottawa, the participants began work on the Anti Racism Policy which was not completed because of many issues that prevented this policy from moving forward.

In 2007, CULE agreed to a signed off a Memorandum of Understanding that incorporates the PSAC Anti Racism Policy.

As the International Day to End Racial Discrimination approaches, CULE members will be looking for the PSAC Anti Racism Policy. We look forward to finding it and having it rolled out by March 21, 2008.

We have been waiting a long time for justice and we are still looking for our Anti Racism Policy.

To remind the PSAC that we are still looking CULE members will be wearing stickers this week, contact your director for a “looking for the PSAC Anti-racism Policy sticker”, or download a batch here (pdf) and print some off onto sticker paper! This message has been forwarded to the PSAC management and elected officers, as well as AEU and UES.

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