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CULE II policy grievance – strike pay duties

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I have finally received a response from the employer pertaining to the work of the Secretaries during the strike of 2004.  Whew, it has taken this long for the employer to respond.

Please see the letter from Sister Bertand below. If the members wish to persue this further, please consult with your directors. There will be a time frame attached to this. I opend the email on the 25 of January when I returned from CULE Convention CUBA 2006. I am available for discussion if the executive requires further background.

As always, Pamela Peckford, Administrative Assistant, Gander Regional Office


DATE: January 16, 2006 TO/DESTINATAIRE: Pamela Peckford, Administrative Assistant, Gander Regional Office FROM/EXPÉDITRICE: Penny Bertrand RE/OBJET: Regional Offices – Secretaries Duties

We have now fully reviewed the above-mentioned job descriptions and the original PDQ.  While the preparation of strike pay is not specifically noted, it is well within the purpose of the position, as stated in the job description.  Further, we believe that the knowledge, skills and complexity ratings afforded to the Regional Office Secretary position are sufficient to address those required for the production of strike pay.

As the addition of this task would not warrant a change in rating, nor provide grounds for acting pay, we cannot agree to your request.

We do, however, acknowledge that the job description should be updated and would like to seek input from CULE.

Penny Bertrand, Director/Chef de direction cc HR Coordinator

download this document (pdf)

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