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CULE Executive Report – PSAC Convention Day 4

Ken Georgetti opened the fourth day. He congratulated Nycole on her service to the movement and spoke about anti-scab and whistle-blower legislation and the CLC’s commitment to quality public services.

The Collective Bargaining Committee convened. A resolution dealing with the elimination of regional rates of pay passed unanimously as well as a resolution asking that Ships Crew members be given their own table. A resolution amending Regulation 15 to give the President the authority to intervene during an impasse in bargaining was debated at length and ultimately defeated. A resolution regarding the organizing/inclusion of students in collective bargaining process was passed.

The executive met and discussed how we would join convention attendees in the support of the BHP members.

MSC Jim/Debbie THAT CULE adopt a picket line for a day and provide funds for a BBQ lunch for BHP members on the picket line in Yellowknife.

After the lunch break JF des Lauriers announced CULE’s donation and the convention was appreciative. The Constitution Committee reconvened and a resolution re-defining the membership status of term employees who return to work on a regular basis was defeated. A resolution that clearly defined representation at Regional Conventions and made them fully funded was hotly debated and defeated.

The day closed with a video tribute to Nycole and presentations from members of the NBoD, NAIM and many others. The staff at convention had gathered at a small reception the previous evening to pay tribute to Nycole where she made a speech thanking everyone for their work for the PSAC. The President made a speech on behalf of CULE. Later the Executive took Mark Pecek, who has moved on to work at the JLP, out for dinner to show our appreciation for his work on behalf of CULE on the classification and pay equity issues and negotiations.

In Solidarity, CULE Executive

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