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CULE Executive Report – PSAC Convention Day 3

The Convention opened with the reading of a PSAC Clean Environment Statement. By providing only one copy of convention documents to the delegates in French or English, PSAC reduced the amount of paper distributed by 2.3 kilos per kit.

The Finance Committee reconvened, and the Strike Fund was discussed. The committee was sent back with instructions to base the strike fund levy on a percentage basis, not a flat rate as was recommended.

The General Resolutions Committee convened after the break and discussed the priority resolutions. The Committee tabled a new PSAC policy paper entitled “Defending Quality Public Services”. A resolution allocating $1 million over three years towards a new Defending Public Services Campaign passed. GSU added $250 thousand of Component money to this fund.

Convention participants rallied at lunch to support striking BHP workers: approximately $45,000 was pledged to the UNW hardship fund by various Components, Regional and Area Councils, and other groups and individuals including AEU.

The Constitution Committee reconvened after lunch and various resolutions were passed, including splitting the Unity Conference into two separate and fully funded conferences. The Finance Committee reconvened with a new formula for the Strike Fund, which passed as well as a resolution increasing family care expenses. Resolutions urging the AEC to consider adding H&S and education resources in the North also passed.

In Solidarity, CULE Executive

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