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CULE Executive meeting minutes, September 27, 2003



Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003


Jim Brohman – President

Bob Allen – Alt.,Director, NCR/Nunavut

Larry Welsh – VP CULE I

Heather Beach – Treasurer

Pam Peckford – VP CULE II

Marion Agadzi – Secretary

Al Hadvick – Director BC/YUK

Heather Longstaff – Member At Large

Tom Hamilton – Director Ontario

Dave Jackson – Director, Prairies/NWT

Regrets: May Saunders – Member At Large

Previous Minutes

M/S/C Dave/Heather B Posted on Web

CULE Staff Meeting Minutes

A meeting was held for CULE staff attending the PSAC Triennial Convention in Montreal.

M/S/C Pam/Larry To be posted on Web

Reports From Executive M/S/C Dave/Larry

Treasurers Report M/S/C Heather B/Al


Car Insurance Committee

Committee met, and employer has agreed to use the Impala LS, which varies in costs according to the province. Consideration will be given on an individual basis for the use of 4 wheel drive vehicles. Awaiting letter from Employer on the issue of supplementary business premiums for representatives who do not receive car allowance where required. MOU has been signed to cover this, and CULE president will sign acceptance. Staff will be retroactively compensated to reflect this agreement.

CULE Convention

Members have expressed concerns about the lack of information about this convention and how it came to be. However, history shows that this discussion started in 2001, and all offices have had discussions regarding this proposal. A backgrounder was also sent along with the ballots. Treasurer will inform employer to start deductions asap. This process should take a few weeks to show on pay stubs. Convention info will be available on the website as it becomes available.

Grievance Committee

Recommendation to forward Schultz grievance to arbitration.

M/S/C Al/Heather L

A grievance on counselling letter is not recommended to go to arbitration.

M/S/C Bob/Heather B

A discussion took place regarding the case of St. Armour Arbitration hearing. We are awaiting a written decision.

JEEC Committee

Update on plans for first Equity Conference to be held on Dec. 3-5 in Ottawa. Request to have CULE president address members at the conference and sponsor a meeting with snacks. Discussed proposal of Anticipatory Staffing and Special Leave.

Moved to adopt committee reports M/S/C Dave/Larry


MOU #19

A committee has been struck to deal with benefit packages for retirees. Bob Allen, a Unit I member has volunteered to be on the committee, and a Unit II member will be identified. Referred to UMC.

CULE Website

We will post pictures and titles immediately, and replace after elections if required.

CULE Elections

New executive should be in place by March. Call will go out for nominations in November, and elections to follow.

Collective Bargaining

Need volunteers to conduct elections for negotiating team. The CULE president has been named to be on the negotiating team. M/S/C Dave/Tom

NEU/CULE Members Dues

It was moved that NEU CULE members should pay the same dues as present CULE members, subject to review in 3 years. Heather to action. M/S/C Bob/Pam

Art. 11 – Union Representation – Union Label

Motion to purchase signs to be displayed in NEU and all regional offices. M/S/C Bob/Dave Marion to follow up with Iqualuit and Cavan..

CULE II Education Module

Heather L. has developed a module to be used to educate Union members. Executive is welcome to provide all input to Heather. This will be piloted at the Admin conference. Once finalized it will be placed on website.

Policy Grievance – Car Allowance

A motion to file a policy grievance on the employer’s application of the car allowance policy on the basis of inconsistency.

M/S/C Al/Heather L.

CULE Constitution

Steve to be advised to make changes regarding the changes of adding the NEU in the constitutions. A constitution cttee will be struck at the next meeting with the new executive.


Toronto Staffing issue to be referred to UMC If not resolved, to be referred to Grievance cttee.

Overtime for Front Line Staff

Discussion took place, and this was referred to negotiating team.


A discussion took place about the importance of sharing the minutes to membership. Minutes will continue to be posted on the web shortly after the meetings.

Next Meeting: Tentative Date

March 20-21, 2004

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