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CULE Executive meeting minutes, Ottawa, October 16,17 2004



Dave Jackson called meeting to order at 9:50 am

In Attendance:

Dave Jackson, President

Heather Longstaff, Secretary

Lise Boucher, Treasurer

Lisa Garnier, Director/Prairies

Marion Agadzi, CULE II Vice President

Jim Brohman, Director/North

Bob Allen, Director/NCR.

Tom Hamilton, Director/Ontario

Jack Rudd, Director/British Columbia

Pam Peckford,Director/Atlantic

Dave Doyle, JPAC Representative

Regrets: Larry Welsh, CULE I Vice President

Executive Meeting – March 2004

M/S/C Marion Agadzi/BobAllen

THAT March 2004 CULE Executive Minutes of Meeting be adopted.


Heather will put out a call to CULE members for a Webmaster, but in the meantime she will phone Brother Bedingfield and ask him to post our Budget. Lise will send Heather the Budget by Email. Heather will send a letter of thanks to Brother Bedingfield.

Executive Reports

M/S/C Jim Brohman/Lisa Garnier

THAT Reports be adopted as submitted

Heather will send to all CULE members the minutes of this meeting including copies of all reports.

Harassment Training

Harassment Training will take place at all future regional staff conferences.

Retiree Benefits Plan

Dave and Tom went over the draft retiree benefits plan text. Angele Cadieux, Jim Brohman and Heather Longstaff (alternate Pamela Peckford) are the CULE Retiree Advisory Committee. We will invite a representative from Coughlins to the CULE meeting in Valleyfield to provide a presentation on the Retiree Benefits Plan.

Treasurers Report

Lise Boucher now has all the CULE books from Heather Beach and will be getting an audit done. Discussion on Diners and Amex Card. Discussion on transfer of funds to Convention Account.

M/S/C Lise Boucher/Bob Allen

THAT Treasurers Report be adopted as presented.

St Amour Update

Brother Chris Wilson has agreed to represent CULE’s interest. Dave Jackson will request that Arbitrator Chapman reconvene the parties.

Dave Doyle – Pension Committee Report (attached)

AEU Strike Discussion ensued on potential Strike. CULE will wait to hear from AEU on what support they need from us.

CULE Joint Committees

Names will be forwarded to Tom and Marion.

Equity Committees

The Committee will consist of Joan-Anne Gravesand, CULE I and Marion Agadzi, CULE II.


Jim will get back to Marion on the language for Inuktitut. Cavan has the logo and will do the work for us. Signs will be ordered for all regional offices.

Officers Conference – November 29th – December 1

A CULE meeting will be held on Wednesday December 1st commencing at 6 p.m. The CULE Executive will be in attendance.

M/S/C Jack Rudd/Lisa Garnier

THAT the CULE Executive attend the CULE meeting on Wednesday December 1st in Valley Field, Quebec.

Social Acknowledgement Policy

The policy was reviewed and updated and the following recommendations adopted

Serious illness – $40-$50

Retirements and Resignation after 10 years of service – $100

Death of Member – $100 donation

Death of immediate family of member – $50

M/S/C Marion Agadzi/Jim Brohman

THAT the social acknowledgement policy be adopted as amended

Membership Package

The contents of the CULE membership package will be: welcome letter from CULE President, CULE application card, CULE pin, Bylaws, Constitution, Website, Social Acknowledge policy, List of Executive, Terms of Reference on Joint Committees, Order form for promotional material including website. Union bug acknowledgement.

M/S/C Bob Allen/Heather Longstaff

THAT Tom order CULE Pins and some shirts for Officer’s Conference (formerly

known as the National Reps Conference)

CULE Convention

The Convention Committee consists of Tom Hamilton, Bob Allen, Larry Welsh, Heather Longstaff and Marion Agadzi. After considering membership input, the Convention Committee recommended the following locations, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Ottawa. The final decision will to be determined by the membership via an electronic vote to be organized by the North Bay Office. The deadline in which to respond will be November 19th.

Car Allowance Criteria

General discussion on application of the new criteria.

Regional Union/Management Consultation

Minutes to be cc’d to CULE Executive and Directors will send copies to Heather for distribution

Career Enhancement Program

Discussion ensued about the new CEP criteria

Grievance Committee Report

M/S/C Bob Allen/Pamela Peckford

THAT the following grievances be referred to Arbitration:

– Summer Leave Refusal

– Requirement for Medical certificate

– Classification

– Two (2) day suspension

– Verbal Reprimand

– Letter of discipline

– Extension on Probation

– Transfer Request denial

– Rejection on Probation

Three grievances were not recommended.

Tom Hamilton will send out a call to CULE members for volunteers to represent on arbitrations. Many thanks to grievance committee for their work.

M/S/C Pam Peckford/Jim Brohman

THAT the recommendations of Grievance Committee be adopted.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 19th, 20th and 21st, 2005 in Ottawa.

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