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CULE Executive meeting minutes, Ottawa, March 20-21, 2004

Minutes of CULE Executive Meeting

March 20 – 21, 2004 9:00 a.m.

Marriott Residence Inn

In Attendance: Dave Jackson/President, Jim Brohman/Past President,

Marion Agadzi/CULE 11 Vice President, Lisa Garnier/ Director Prairies,

Larry Welsh/CULE 1 Vice President, Bob Allen/ Director NCR/Nunavut,

Tom Hamilton/Director Ontario, Pam Peckford/ Director Atlantic,

Dave Doyle/JPAC, Al Hadvick/Director BC/Yukon, Heather Beach/Treasurer, Heather Longstaff, Secretary

Oath of Office

Dave Jackson gave the Oath of Office to

Heather Beach, Treasurer

Marion Agadzi, CULE II Vice President

Bob Allen, Director, NCR/Nunavut

Larry Welsh, CULE 1 VICE President

M/S/C Al Hadvick/Bob Allen

THAT minutes of September 2003 Executive Meeting be adopted

as amended to add Dave Jackson’s attendance at the meeting.

M/S/C Heather Beach/Lisa Garnier

THAT Minutes of CULE Executive Conference call meeting dated January 7, 2004 be adopted.

Executive Reports

M/S/C Tom Hamilton/Larry Welsh

THAT Reports be adopted as circulated.

Treasurer’s Report

M/S/C Bob Allen/Marion Agadzi

THAT Treasurer’s report be adopted.

Discussion on statement – Heather will provide a corrected copy of the statement this afternoon. In addition the CULE budget will be posted on the web-site.

Dave Doyle – JPAC Report

Dave updated the Executive on the JPAC.

JPAC moved to have two day meetings due to the development of Sub-committees and as a result CULE does incur additional costs.

1. Plan Administrator is required by law to file a Plan evaluation, the plan Evaluation will show that there is a minimal surplus in the pension fund, well within the CRA guidelines. 2. The issue of Joint Management of the plan is still on the table as this is the current CULE position.

3. Socially responsible investing is proceeding but at a slow pace.

4. At the April meeting the Committee will be reviewing the performance of all three fund managers.

5. Gary Goddard has been travelling to the Regional Staff Conferences. This seems to be working well.

6. The retiree’s lawsuit is progressing. They are suing the plan administrators not the internal unions. They are seeking about $9 million from the pension plan. There are approximately 144 retirees and 400 active plan members.

7. Discussion concerning the re-purchase on non elective service

M/S/C Bob Allen/Marion Agadzi

THAT Dave Doyle’s report be adopted.

Discussion on the CULE Grievance.

M/S/C Bob Allen/Lisa Garnier

THAT we proceed with our arbitration as per the collective agreement, as soon as possible. Brother Doyle will advise the employer.

Negotiating Team/Bargaining Committee Meeting Update

Dave Jackson updated the Executive on the bargaining team meetings held March 18th, and 19th.

Team Members are: Dave, Jackson, Heather Longstaff, Pam Peckford,

Tom Hamilton, Angele Cadieux

The Team thanks Jim Brohman for his guidance and advice during the bargaining committee meetings.

161 demands were received from the membership. Following is a list of some key priorities:

* Bargaining Unit Work 1. Alliance Facilitator’s 2. Definition/protection 3. Regional Coordinators

* Car Package 1. Universality 2. Allowance 3. Mileage 4. Gas cards

* Economic Increase

* Overtime 1. Work and travel 2. Weeknights 3. Pay for all hours worked on days of rest

* Retiree’s Benefit Package

* Travel/ Incidental Allowance

* Vacation Leave

CULE has been advised that the employer’s team will consist of Penny Bertrand, Andrea Dean, Jim Chorostecki and Bonnie O’Keefe.

Recommendation from the bargaining committee to hire a research person.

M/S/C Al Hadvick/Bob Allen

THAT up to $1,500 in expenses be used to hire someone to provide research support for this round of bargaining.

The last week of April has been proposed by the Employer to commence negotiations.

Let the minutes reflect that the Executive wishes the team good luck.

Arthur Carkner – Socially Responsible Investments

Arthur Carkner, alternate JPAC member, gave an update to the Executive on socially responsible investments.

Current developments – Investments in a building in Iqaluit

· To provide for a daycare, office space and affordable housing.

Director for the North

The Northern Staff Conference will be held June 15-17, 2004. The three Directors are encouraged to contact the CULE members at the conference regarding a CULE meeting.

There could be an expansion of the CULE membership in the North, of up to 15 in total.

M/S/C Bob Allen/Tom Hamilton

THAT the CULE executive recommend to the membership that a Constitution change be made by adding a Director’s position to the North.

Bob Allen volunteered to send out a letter and vote package to all CULE members.


We need to be more consistent with our updates on the website.

For posting of information CULE members should contact their Director who will then contact the Secretary. Sister Longstaff will forward it on to the Webmaster.

Members at Large – CULE Executive

M/S/C Heather Longstaff/Bob Allen

THAT we do not require member at large positions at this time.

Employer Policy on Political Rights for Term Staff CULE does not support the Employers position on political rights for term staff.

MOA #6 – Discussion

There are still concerns in the regions regarding the violation of this memorandum of understanding. (UMC item).

Equity Position on the CULE Executive

Marion reported on the recommendation and report from The PSAC Staff Conference for Workers of Colour and Aboriginal Workers. A recommendation came forward that an equity member be placed on the CULE Executive.

M/SC Bob Allen/Al Hadvick

Defer discussion until Sunday.

MOA #19

Discussion. More information will follow from Brother Allen on Sunday. Bob Allen and Ruby Whelan are the CULE representatives on this committee.

Status of CULE Joint Committees

Heather will advise the Employer which CULE members are on PSAC/Employer Joint Committees. She will confirm with the current members to determine their continued interest and whether they want to continue on that particular committee. If there are vacancies, Heather will sent out a request to determine if members would like to sit on a committee. Heather will also request from the members currently on committees, for reports and/or updates.

CULE Convention Committee should be added to list of committees.

Liability Insurance Coverage

Lengthy discussion on whether we should purchase liability insurance. The executive was unanimous that it is not cost effective to purchase this type of insurance.

CULE Grievance Protocol Discussion on the “chain of command” around the grievance process.

CULE members should contact their Director or the Alternate; Following, the contact person is then the Unit Vice President who should also be contacting and copying the Grievance Committee members.

Marion will send out an email to grievance handlers to receive past grievance information to help in her role as the Unit II V.P. and Grievance Committee member.

Career Enhancement Position (CEP)

The employer has finally staffed a CEP. Directors will send out a copy to CULE II members.

CULE Promotions

Heather Beach will provide a list to Directors of the people who owe money for shirts, etc.

Stephen is to get back to Marion on the signage for work locations.

CULE Convention Report

A vote was conducted to hold a CULE Convention and the Convention Committee is proceeding by sending a survey out to the membership. The survey will be seeking their input and will contain further information. Heather Longstaff will do this.

Deadline for the return of the survey will be April 30th, 2004.

Grievance Committee Report

Successful Arbitration case received for St. Amour.

Two 2nd level grievances

Car Allowance Policy Grievance – in abeyance

Car Allowance Arbitration going ahead in May

(Under 25.01 (b))

Please forward all grievances to either Marion Agadzi or Larry Welsh for archiving.

M/S/C Bob Allen/Heather Beach

THAT Grievance Committee report be adopted

John Sullivan

AEU member John Sullivan joined the group to request that the 7 members

who work in the Gatineau Regional Office be allowed to join CULE. John advised that they are in an open period and have AEU’s approval to leave.

M/S/C Bob Allen/Heather Longstaff

THAT subject to AEU’s consent and successful application to the

Quebec Labour Relations Board we accept the seven (7) employees of the Gatineau Regional Office as members of CULE.


Dave Jackson will send a letter of thanks to those who conducted the negotiating team, executive elections and constitutional change ballots.


Maggie Armstrong and Larry Welsh will be meeting with the Employer on March 22 and 23. Discussion took place as to what concerns we may want to bring up with the Employer.

CULE Membership Cards

When new members are hired, Directors will distribute information package, have them sign a membership application. The application will then be sent to the Secretary who will distribute the cards to the member.

Social Acknowledgements

A sub-committee consisting of Lisa Garnier and Marion Agadzi was struck to deal with this CULE policy. They will report back to the September meeting.

CULE Financial Records

M/S/C Al Hadvick/Larry Welsh

THAT we ask for one or more CULE members to audit the CULE Financial records in accordance with the CULE Constitution.


Discussion regarding releasing Election results. If CULE members want the results of an election count (example Executive position or Negotiating Team member) they should contact their CULE Director.

Deferred item from Yesterday – Equity position on CULE Executive

M/S/C Heather Longstaff/Lisa Garnier

THAT the CULE Executive agrees in principle to accepting the report and proposal from the First Workers of Color and Aboriginal Workers Staff Conference and that we strike a sub-committee to do further work including bringing back a proposal to the next CULE Executive Meeting regarding adding an equity position to the CULE Executive.

Heather Longstaff will send a callout for CULE members to sit on this committee.


M/S/C Tom Hamilton/Bob Allen

THAT we continue to support the Bridging the Solitudes program until December 2004.

UMC Items

The items that were to be discussed at UMC were shared with the executive by Brother Jackson.

NEU Dues

A recommendation was made that we reimburse the five (5) members of NEU/CULE the overpayment of dues owed to them.

Next meeting will be September 11th and 12th in Montreal. Heather Longstaff will book the same hotel used at the September 2003 meeting held in Montreal.

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