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CULE Executive meeting minutes, Ottawa, March 19-20, 2005

In Attendance:

* Dave Jackson, President * Heather Longstaff, Secretary * Larry Welsh, Vice President CULE 1 * Marion Agadzi, Vice President CULE 11 * Lise Boucher, Treasurer * Pam Peckford, Director Atlantic * Tom Hamilton, Director Ontario * Jack Rudd, Director British Columbia * Oneil Carlier, Alternate/Director Prairies * Bob Allen, Director NCR * Jim Brohman, Director North

Introductions Agenda

M/S/C Bob/Tom

That agenda be adopted as presented. Minutes of October Executive Meeting

M/S/C Jack/ Marion

THAT the minutes of the October 16-17, 2004 Executive meeting be adopted as distributed. Business Arising from Minutes

The Anti-Harassment Pilot Training has been developed and a pilot took place in Montreal. It was thought that the session would be ½ a day but a full day was required. Employee Assistance Committee:

A callout for members to sit on the EAP Committee went out and the following CULE members will sit on the Committee:

Dolly Ablitt, CULE 1

Shelley Jamieson, CULE 11

Judy Monteith-Farrell, Alternate

Dave will send a letter to these members welcoming them to the Committee. Resolution for an Equity Representation on the CULE Executive

Marion Agadzi and Joan-Ann Gravesande sit as the Reps on the CULE Equity Committee and brought the following motion forward to the CULE Executive:

M/S/C Marion/Jim

Whereas CULE is committed to Equity and equity issues,

And, whereasthe composition of the Executive may not always be reflective of the membership,

Be it resolved,that one of the members at large positions be designated by the Executive to ensure equity representation,

Be it further resolved, that the person for this position be elected by the general membership,

Be it further resolved that,the person occupying this position be a self identified member from the Aboriginal people, person of colour, woman, person with a disability, or a person from the Gay Lesbian bisexual and transgender group.

M/S/C Pam/Heather

THAT an amendment be made to remove the word “woman” from the motion.

M/S/C Marion/Lise

THAT the motion brought forward to the Executive on behalf of the CULE Executive Equity Position be accepted.

Dave will send Patrick a note asking that he post CULE’s commitment to Equity on the CULE website. Car Allowance

Discussions took place on the car allowance in the various regions. Directors will continue to monitor the situation. St Amour decision

A settlement was reached with the Employer in February. Social Acknowledgement Policy

Marion and Lisa developed an updated policy which was distributed. (See attached and CULE website). Signage – Regional Offices

Lise, Marion and Jim are continuing to work on CULE signage for Regional Offices. President’s Report/Director’s Reports

Jim Brohman’s report includes a Section 18 application to the CIRB to include the Regional Negotiator’s positon in Yellowknife.

M/S/C Allen/Longstaff – That these reports be accepted. Orientation Package for New Members

Heather has been in contact with Huguette Lahaie regarding a CULE orientation package for new members. Heather will send updated copies of the Constitution, Terms of Reference for Joint Committees, Social Acknowledgement policy, membership card along with the letter which Heather has developed. CULE members employed by NEU will also receive a copy of the orientation package. CULE Membership Cards

M/S/C Heather/Jim

THAT CULE provide laminated membership cards to all CULE members.

Heather will look after this and try to have cards ready for the upcoming Staff Conference in April, but by September for sure. CULE Filing System

A central filing system is required. All members with CULE related files are asked to forward them to Bob Allen in order that the Executive can go through the files at the next Executive meeting. Grievance Procedure

Penny has started delegating first level grievances to the Co-ordinators. Grievances dealing with decisions made by Co-ordinators will be sent directly to 2nd level. Grievance Tracking System

It is imperative that we develop a better tracking system. Marion Agadzi has agreed to track grievances and Directors must forward information related to grievances to Marion. A meeting of the Grievance Committee and the CULE Directors will be held at the upcoming Staff Conference to discuss this matter fully. Management Style

A discussion ensued regarding the management style presently found in the PSAC. Staffing Issues

Discussion regarding posting of Term Positions and the inconsistency of staffing took place. AEU Strike/CULE members and the AEU Picket Line

Oneil brought forward concerns and proposed resolutions regarding issues surrounding the AEU Strike. The executive reviewed the protocol that was used during the strike.

M/S Oneil/Heather Defeated.

THAT a letter of apology be sent to the Edmonton CULE members from either Dave Jackson or the Executive concerning the letter they received from CULE during the AEU strike.

M/S Oneil/Jim Defeated

THAT the CULE members who withdrew their services be reimbursed $70.00 per day for each day that they were out. PSAC Retiree Benefit Plan

We had a general review of the plan including highlights from Brother Hamilton.

M/S/C Bob/Lise

THAT the plan be adopted in principle as presented by the Committee. National Staff Conference

This Conference will take place April 18-22, 2005 at the Westin and Delta Hotels. The first three days will also include Alliance Head Office officers. Last 2 days will include only Regional Staff.

Coughlin will be making a presentation on the Retiree Benefit plan on the Wednesday during the Conference. CULE will approach the employer with a request to have the presentation video taped for CULE members who were not present at the staff conference. A CULE meeting will take place on Thursday Evening.

Motion to re-confirm our previous motion to have the CULE Executive attend the Thursday night meeting.

M/S/C Jim/Jack

THAT the CULE Executive attend the Thursday night CULE meeting as previously passed at our October meeting.

M/S/C Bob/Oneil

THAT a solidarity suite be made available to allow the CULE membership and guests to convene during the Staff Conference. A startup cost of $500.00 was allocated. Travel Status

A discussion took place relating to Article 25.04 and how the employer is interpreting the clause. Once again a long standing practice is under attack as a result of the current management style. CULE Convention

The CULE Convention Committee met on March 18th, 2005 to discuss issues concerning the upcoming CULE Convention. W.E. Travel made a presentation to the Committee regarding locations, costs, dates, etc. W.E. provided the Committee with a proposal from a Breezes Resort close to Havana but because of an age restriction they will look into other resorts. W.E. will be in contact with Air Canada on Monday March 21st regarding other locations in Varadero and will report back to the Committee.

After much discussion, the Committee recommended to the CULE Executive that the Convention be held December 3-4, 2005 in Cuba as the most economic option before them.

M/S/C Bob/Heather

THAT the Executive accept the recommendation of the Committee.

M/S/C Tom/Oneil

THAT money be advanced from the Operating Account to cover any short-term shortfall, and such monies to be returned to the operating account from the convention account as collected. Regional Employee Equity Committee

Discussion took place. Regional plans were discussed. Referred to UMC. Grievance Report

There are no new arbitration cases for review. Review of the arbitration cases identified at our October CULE Executive meeting were discussed.

Consultation on Tech Change Joint Committee

Lack of consultation with CULE on tech change issues were discussed. Referred to UMC.


M/S/C Heather/Larry

THAT CULEgive Patrick Bragg an honorarium of $200.00 in recognition of his work on the CULE website.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

At the CULE Atlantic Staff Conference the following motion was passed and forwarded to the Executive for consideration.

M/S/C Nancy McLean/Fraser Hiscock

THAT the Atlantic Regional staff are in full support of doing an employee satisfaction survey of members of CULE and join forces with AEU if they elect to do the survey.

Friendly amendment made by Dave Shaw/Fraser Hiscock

That we exclude AEU from the motion.

M/S/C Bob/Jim

THAT we table further consideration of the motion submitted from the Brothers and Sisters in the Atlantic region until AEU approaches CULE regarding the Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Union Made North American Vehicles

A list of Union made North American vehicles was circulated.

Joint Meeting with Co-ordinators

Discussion on Agenda Items

* AEU Strike * Email Policy * CULE Conference calls * Regional UMC’s * National Staff Conference * Return to work after illness * Working together on Workplace Issues o Mental Health concerns o Age Related issues o Drug, Alcohol Gambling Addictions * Misinterpretation of Agreements

Following discussion CULE insisted that OUT Days and the honour system be the first agenda items to be dealt with.

CULE Expense Administration Guidelines

A Committee has been struck which includes Lise, Jack and Tom to review and update these guidelines.

Comp and Annual Leave Carry Over

An agreement from Penny was received on the following:

* An additional 1 year vacation entitlement to be carried over. * An additional 105 hours of comp leave to be carried over.

CULE Sponsorship of PSAC Golf Tournment

M/S/C Bob/Jim

THAT CULE sponsor a golf hole at the PSAC Annual Charity Golf Tournament in the amount of $250.00.

The next CULE Executive meeting is scheduled for September 2005.

Motion to AdjournTom

Meeting adjourned.

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