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CULE Executive meeting minutes, Ottawa, April 22, 2005

In Attendance: Dave Jackson, President, Heather Longstaff, Secretary, Lise Boucher, Treasurer, Marion Agadzi, CULE 11 Vice President, Larry Welsh, CULE 1 Vice President, Pam Peckford, Director, Atlantic, Bob Allen, Director, NCR, Tom Hamilton, Director Ontario, Jack Rudd, Director, BC, Jim Brohman, Director North

A CULE Executive meeting was held on April 22nd to discuss recommendations arising from the April 21st, CULE information meeting.

Walmart – Adopt a Family Campaign

Angele Cadieux advised members at the April 21st CULE meeting that $3,900.00 has been raised for Walmart families affected by the closure of the Walmart in Quebec and asked for support from CULE.

M/S/C Hamilton/Boucher

THAT CULE donate $1,000.00 to assist in the financial support of Wal-Mart workers from St. Joncquiere, Quebec.

Administrative Committee – CULE Convention

The committee met Friday morning and Marion gave a report on what has been actioned to date. An Access Data Base for registrations has been produced and a strategic plan has been put into place for the work that needs to take place.

Discussions took place surrounding the requirement for Convention Committees. It was agreed that a call will go out for members to sit on Convention committees along with 1 Executive member. The CULE Convention Organizing Committee will be meeting on Saturday April 23 in preparation for Convention.

AEU Merger

Discussion took place on the recommendation received from Don Dudar’s (attached). The following motion was passed unanimously by the Executive:

M/S/C Hamilton/Allen

THAT a committee be struck for the purpose of examining the feasibility of a merger with the Alliance Employee’s Union (AEU). The committee will consist of seven (7) CULE members; two members from Unit I, two members from Unit II, one member from the NEU and two members from the CULE Executive. A call-out for volunteers will take place as soon as possible. In the event that there are more volunteers than seats available on the committee an election will be conducted. For example, if more than two Unit II members put their names forward, an election among Unit II members will determine who will be the Unit II members on the committee. The same process would take place for Unit I and the NEU if required.

The committee shall provide a written report and presentation to the CULE Convention in January 2006.

CULE Computer

Heather recommended that the CULE Computer be upgraded as soon as possible. There is a need for an upgrade especially with the CULE Convention coming up next year. The executive approved Heather obtaining an estimate to upgrade. She will check with Dave and Lise on the price.

Meeting adjourned.

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