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CULE Executive elections – time to vote (updated)

updated Nov 4th, with nominations received over the weekend, prior to the deadline.

All CULE Executive Positions are acclaimed except for the following positions (Click on the name for bios/statements from the candidates which will be posted as received).


  1. Dave Jackson, nominated by Hetty Alcuitas, seconded by Stephanie Penwarden

  2. Dolly Ablitt, nominated by Nancy MacLean, seconded by Oneil Carlier

  3. Anna Goguen, nominated by Susan Payne, seconded by Shelley Jamieson

  4. Lorraine Diaper, nominated by Lynn Meston, seconded by Angela Fairweather

Vice-President, CULE Unit I

  1. Joan-Ann Gravesande, nominated by Sean Glavine, seconded by Judith Monteith-Farrell

  2. Abudi Awaysheh, nominated by Anne Juneau, seconded by Stephen Peterson (updated due to an administrative error)

Director North

  1. Bob Haywood, nominated by Stephen Crane, seconded by Brenda Shaimaiyuk

  2. Anne Juneau, nominated by Barb Fayant, seconded by Judy Payne

Director BC

  1. James Little, nominated by Rosemary Mackenzie, seconded by Patricia Mullin

  2. Dave Thompson, nominated by Katherine Kirkwood, seconded by Colette Savarie

Director Equity

  1. Janelle Ho-Shing, nominated by Janice Grant, seconded by Monica Urrutia

  2. Diane Allen, nominated by Louise Mardell, seconded by Deanna Kimball


  1. Sandra Goodick, nominated by Marija Babic, seconded by Linda Cross

  2. Marion Kirin, nominated by Rosemary MacKenzie, seconded by Joan-Ann Gravesande


  1. Stephanie Penwarden, nominated by Madeleine Bachand, seconded by Francine Commanda

  2. Lorraine Diaper, nominated by Angela Fairweather, seconded by Lynn Meston

Balloting Procedures

Download and return a ballot for the election(s) you will be voting in, and return to:

PSAC Moncton RO att:  CULE Vote 30 Englehart Street, Unit G Dieppe, NB E1A 8H3

prior to the deadline – close of business December 5, 2013 – please take this into account when sending ballots via mail.

Use the double envelope method, using a separate inner envelope for each election with the name of that election marked on it. 

For example: all members are eligible to vote for President, Secretary and Treasurer and should return three brown envelopes – one marked President, one marked Secretary, and one marked Treasurer – along with any others, as dictated by eligibility.

Please ensure your name is clearly marked on the outer envelope.  Note that ballots will not be accepted by email, fax, or proxy.  A physical ballot must be used and must arrive in Moncton prior to December 5th.

  1. Ballot for President (all members of CULE are eligible to vote)

  2. Ballot for VP, Unit I (all members of CULE Unit I are eligible to vote)

  3. Ballot for Director North (all members of CULE in the North are eligible to vote)

  4. Ballot for Director BC (all members of CULE in BC are eligible to vote)

  5. Ballot for Director Equity (all self-ID’d members of the CULE equity caucus are eligible to vote)

  6. Ballot for Treasurer (all members of CULE are eligible to vote)

  7. Ballot for Secretary (all members of CULE are eligible to vote) *note typo on ballot – put this one in a brown envelope marked Secretary, not Pres.

Congratulations to these new (and in some cases returning) Executive members:

  1. VP Unit II – Marija Babic

  2. Director Atlantic – Dave Shaw

  3. Director NCR – Madeleine Bachand

  4. Director Ontario – Judith Monteith-Farrell

  5. Director Prairies – Carm Chan

Lastly, special thanks to the Moncton RO for coordinating the elections!

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