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CULE Executive elections

Here are the nominees for the various positions on the CULE Executive. Candidate’s statements will be posted as they become available: updated Nov 22nd. Update: Here are some questions and answers about the balloting process. We will update with any further questions received.

President Candidate’s statements. Don Dudar, nominated by Dolly Ablitt, seconded by Anne Juneau. Lisa Garnier, nominated by Angele Cadieux, seconded by Maggie Armstrong. Dave Jackson, nominated by Raj Hari, seconded by Janelle Ho-Shing. VP CULE I Candidate’s statements Dolly Ablitt, nominated by Oneil Carlier, seconded by Colette Savarie. Larry Welsh, nominated by David Doyle, seconded by Anna Goguen. VP CULE II Candidate’s statements Marion Agadzi, nominated by Patrick Bragg, seconded by Patricia Mullin. Shelley Jamieson, nominated by Gail Chafe, seconded by Lynn Eaton. Secretary Candidate’s statements Anne Juneau, nominated by Dolly Ablitt, seconded by Maggie Armstrong. Heather Longstaff, nominated by Diane Gallant, seconded by Anna Goguen. Treasurer Candidate’s statements Lise Boucher, nominated by Kellie Loshak, seconded by Phil Trottier. Gail Chafe, nominated by Shelley Jamieson, seconded by Maggie Armstrong. Director – Atlantic Candidate’s statements Debbie McLaughlin, nominated by Nancy MacLean, seconded by Mark Rogers. Pamela Peckford, nominated by Diane Gallant, seconded by Colleen MacKay.

To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the count, the vote will take place via the double envelope system. Download the ballots below (pdf), print, clearly mark your choice, and return to Patrick Bragg, c/o the Vancouver RO, with your name, bargaining unit, and worksite clearly marked on the outer ballot.

There is a single ballot sheet for the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer and individual ballot sheets for the Vice-Presidents and Directors. Note that you will be returning either 2 or 3 ballots, depending on your region: please place them all inside one inner envelope, we will sort them at the time of the count.

Ballot for CULE President, Secretary, Treasurer : All CULE members are eligible to vote Ballot for VP CULE I : CULE Unit I members are eligible to vote Ballot for VP CULE II : CULE Unit II members are eligible to vote Ballot for Director – Atlantic : All CULE members in the Atlantic Region are eligible to vote

If you have any questions about the voting procedure, call or email Patrick Bragg in the Vancouver RO. The deadline for return of the ballots is 12 noon PST, December 2nd, 2005.

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