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CULE Executive conference call minutes, November 23, 2005

Canadian Union of Labour Employees Executive Meeting – Conference Call November 23, 2005


Dave Jackson, President Heather Longstaff, Secretary Lise Boucher, Treasurer Marion Agadzi, CULE 11 Vice President Larry Welsh, CULE 1 Vice President Pam Peckford, Director Atlantic Bob Allen, Director, NCR Tom Hamilton, Director, Ontario Lisa Garnier, Director, Prairies

Organizers – Conference call called as per Chris Wilson request regarding the pattern that the Employer is taking regarding Organizers. Update on the Goy arbitration. Marion will be the Executive member to liaison with Chris.

Convention Update on CULE Convention Planning Update on Convention Resolution Committees Update on Donations

M/S/C Bob/Lisa

THAT the Executive authorize up to $800.00 to purchase school or medical supplies to take to Cuba.

Executive Meeting – Tentative dates for the next CULE meeting are set for March 18-19, 2006 in Ottawa

Meeting adjourned.

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