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CULE Executive conference call minutes, May 25, 2005

CULE Executive Conference Call, May 25, 2005

Present: Pam Peckford Larry Welsh Bob Allen Tom Hamilton Lise Boucher Marion Agadzi Lisa Garnier Dave Jackson

Agenda: Donation to Sister Wall’s campaign (Bob) Out Days – employer response (Dave) Election of Unit I members to merger committee (Lise) Tax question – Convention (Lise) Letter to Executive – Brother Dudar (Jim) Convention update (Marion) September Executive meeting – date & location

Donation to Sister Wall’s campaign

Discussion took place on this issue. Background was provided regarding the request to donate financially to Sister Wall’s campaign to seek the Presidency of the CLC

M/S/C Allen/Peckford CULE donate $700.00 to Sister Wall’s campaign.

Out Days – Employer Response

Penny sent an email as a follow-up to the conversation that took place during the joint CULE/Coordinator’s meeting this past March. We seem to be taking two steps back on this issue. The employer is seeking to put restrictions on the usage of Out Days and not maintain the past practice.

Dave will respond to Penny concerning the commitment made at the joint meeting. As well, we will await the final level grievance reply on Out Days from the Ontario region.

Election of Unit I members to merger committee

Seven (7) Unit I members have put forward their name to be on the merger committee. Lise will send an email to all seven members advising them that there will be a vote and to ensure that they want their name to be placed on the ballot.

Tax Question – Convention

Lise provided information regarding her conversation with our accountant. After some discussion Tom volunteered to make contact with a representative of the CRA regarding the tax implications for CULE members who attend the Convention.

Letter to Executive – Brother Dudar

Discussion took place regarding Brother Dudar’s letter to the Executive. It has always been the intent that our Convention would be a “decision-making” body. Bob will take the lead on preparing a referendum vote to amend the CULE Constitution to reflect this reality. Bob requested that any idea’s the Executive may have to assist him, be forwarded as soon as possible.

Convention Update

Marion provided an update on the convention: Names of the participants have been given to WE Travel. They will send out travel insurance coverage packages; There are approximately 155 people going to Cuba of which 60 plus are CULE members; We are now at the point in time where individuals will be penalized if they want changes to be made to their reservation; We receive 1 free ticket for every 25 issued.

M/S/C Allen/Boucher CULE use the free tickets for the convention organizing committee to extend their stay at the resort, the week following convention.

September Executive meeting – date & location

Bob will contact CBB to confirm where and when negotiation training will take place in September. We can confirm the next Executive meeting when that information is in front of us.

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