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CULE Executive conference call minutes, May 2, 2004


(Conference Call)

TUESDAY May 2, 2004 11:00 am (Ottawa Time)

In attendance: Dave Jackson

Heather Longstaff

Lisa Garnier

Larry Welsh

Al Hadvick

Pam Peckford

Bob Allen

Tom Hamilton

Angele Cadiux (Only for Negotiations Update)

Negotiations Update

Dave Jackson gave an update on our first face to face negotiations meeting with the Employer. A letter has been drafted by the Negotiating Team and we would like the Executive to approve so we can send out to all CULE members. We are also recommending that a strike vote be taken prior to our next set of Negotiations which are set for June 27 – June 30 in Ottawa. Discussion held about timing and maintaining control over the Bargaining Process.

The members approved sending the Negotiations Update letter and proposals out to all CULE members.

M/S/C Bob Allen/Al Hadvick

THAT we conduct a strike vote between June 1 – 15th, 2004.

The vote was unanimous.

Heather will send out the Negotiating Team letter along with the Employer and CULE proposals to all members.

Angele departed call.

Bob Allen’s Proposal – MOA – Position in the NCR Regional Office

M/S/C Bob/Larry

THAT the CULE Executive accept the memorandum of agreement as presented by Brother Allen.

Donation – PSAC Golf Tournament

Discussion held on making donation to the PSAC Annual Golf Tournament.

M/S/C Bob/Heather

THAT CULE contribute a vest and 2 golf shirts to the PSAC Annual Golf


Bob to contact Tom Hamilton for the shirts.

Credit Cards – Regional Offices Pam Peckford

Pam advised executive on comments made by the employer regarding assigning credit cards to regional offices. These cards would be used for booking hotels. The concerns Pam and Heather have are that Co-ordinators wanting to approve the use of these cards.

Pam will consult with Bonnie O’Keefe and follow up with Heather. Marion will be asked to send out a letter to Administrative staff asking for input.

National Officers Conference

Larry Welsh and Maggie Armstrong sit on the Organizing Committee and reported that the Conference will be postponed from September to either November or January 2005.

Discussion held on when we should hold our next CULE Executive Meeting. It was decided to go ahead with the original dates in September (11th and 12th)

Dave will check on costs for Ottawa versus Montreal with Heather Beach and get back to the Executive. Heather will then make the bookings

M/C Heather

THAT this meeting be adjourned.

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