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CULE Executive conference call minutes, June 14, 2006

CULE Executive Meeting – Wednesday June 14, 2006 1:00 pm Ottawa Time


Lisa Garnier, President Jack Rudd, Director BC Marion Agadzi, CULE 11 Vice President Bob Allen, Director NCR Debbie McLaughlin, Director Atlantic Larry Welsh, CULE 1 Vice President Dave Doyle, Alternate Director Ontario Bruce Campbell, Director Prairies Jim Brohman, Director, North Heather Longstaff, Secretary

Bargaining Demands

A call-out for bargaining input will be sent out after the CULE Executive meeting in October.

MOA Out Days Settlement and Car Insurance/Mileage – Lisa will be connecting with Penny by conference call on these issues.

Equity Committee

Marion will take the lead on having the Equity Committee submit a draft mandate to the Executive for review… (Example – Constitutional language, self id form, etc.)

There was a discussion regarding resolutions that have been received from individual members . Any recommendations should be sent through the regional Director who will in turn bring forward to the executive to discuss and deal with.

Dave Doyle is the Acting Ontario Director until Tom Hamilton returns to the region.

Staffing Issues

Grievances are being filed on Expression of Interest postings.

Secretary Grievance – Cheque program

Marion will be meeting with Penny at the end of June to discuss this grievance.

NEU Bargaining Update

Application for Conciliation will take place in early August.

CULE T-Shirts on Website

Revisit the option of having various CULE items available for order through the Website at October meeting.

Office Risk Assessment

Each Director with the assistance of the members in their respective regions will be conducting an office/work conditions risk assessment. Jack Rudd will prepare a risk assessment questionnaire and forward to help assist the Directors in gathering this information.

Convention Committee Video

Close to being done. The executive will discuss the distribution at the October meeting.

Collective Agreement Language

Issue of meal allowance for CULE 11 members. This language to be changed in next round but in the interim grievances to go in.

Long Term Travel Status

Employer advises that there is a CULE policy regarding long term travel status but the executive is unaware of this policy. Merger Committee

Committee will proceed with compiling a report and this report will be presented to the Executive at the October meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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