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CULE Executive conference call minutes, January 6, 2006

Canadian Union of Labour Employees Executive Meeting – Conference Call January 6, 2006


Lisa Garnier, President Heather Longstaff, Secretary Gail Chafe, Treasurer Marion Agadzi, CULE 11 Vice President Larry Welsh, CULE 1 Vice President Debbie McLaughlin, Director Atlantic Bob Allen, Director NCR Tom Hamilton, Director Ontario Bruce Campbell, Director Prairies Jack Rudd, Director British Columbia

Meeting called to order at 12:30 Ottawa Time

Convention Committee Committee – Updates received from Bruce, Gail and Tom. Heather will send out an email to the Chairs asking that reports be forwarded to her before January 9, 2006. She will Co-ordinate and bring copies for everyone to Cuba.

Convention Committee Update – Marion updated the Committee on the number of members and guests traveling to Cuba. There have been some cancellations so numbers keep changing.

Heather updated Executive on Convention Childcare requests.

Discussion regarding the number of personal hours that Marion has worked to make this Convention happen.

M/S/C Heather/Larry

THAT Marion Agadzi be paid LWOP for both weeks she is attending Convention in Cuba.

Carried unanimously – Members thanks Marion for her dedication to this Convention.

Marion updated Executive on last minute cancellations. Committee will deal with recovery of funds from member’s guests at a later date. The CULE Convention Committee is of the opinion that CULE may be responsible for members who cancel but not for guests.

Educational sessions are being prepared for all days at the Convention so no one will be taxed unless they do not attend a session. Marion will bring sign in sheets for every session.

The Administration Committee consisting of Pam Peckford, Marion Agadzi, Lise Boucher and Heather Longstaff will be meeting to make sure all Convention details are covered.

Lisa, Marion and Larry will have a conference call to review the Rules of Order. Copies will be brought to Cuba by Heather.

Proxy Voting – there has been a question on proxy voting. The rules of order and Constitution do not allow for this. Lisa will advise the member.

Traveller’s Cheques – The Convention Committee is requesting that a cheque for $5,000 be sent to Heather. She will bring down cash and travellers cheque for Convention expenses that may arise or emergencies. Funds not used will be returned to the Treasurer.

Marion will contact Lise Boucher regarding donations from Grand and Toy, etc. We have also had some financial donations from the AEC, other Unions and CULE members. We will send thank you letters and post this on the website when time permits.

MOA #11 Concerns were expressed on the Employer Feedback survey that is being conducted by the Co-ordinators. Confidentiality is key.

MOA #3 Discussion on the staffing issues in the Gander Regional Office

Merger Committee – Heather reported that the Committee has met several times and will be reviewing the surveys and preparing a survey synopsis. The Committee continues to work on their recommendations for Convention.

AEU has been sent an invitation to Convention.

The Executive will meet in Cuba on January 20th to go over last minute details for Convention.

Meeting Adjourned.

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