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CULE Executive conference call minutes, Feb 10th 2006

CULE Executive Conference Call, Friday, February 10, 2006 – 1:00 pm


Lisa Garnier Marion Agadzi Tom Hamilton Debbie McLaughin Bob Allen Jack Rudd Jim Brohman Bruce Campbell Larry Welsh Heather Longstaff

Download the CULE Executive conferece call minutes (pdf) or read more below.


Gail Chafe

CULE Convention Committee Recommendation

M/S/C Larry Welsh/Heather Longstaff

THAT CULE members not in attendance at Convention would be eligible for free T-Shirt and hat and non CULE members will be able to purchase.

Heather will send out a notice regarding sizes and amounts required.

Heather has almost finished a draft of the Convention which she will send to Executive members for review ASAP.

Discussion on the CULE Convention CD and distribution will be held at the April Executive meeting.

Discussion took place regarding Convention Childcare issue.

Marion is almost finished reviewing the invoices from Convention. They will be forwarded to Gail for payment.

Discussion regarding one of the Resolutions submitted was missed in the Resolution Report at Convention. This resolution was very similar to one that was dealt with at Convention. We will ensure that Resolutions are not missed in the future.

Joint Meeting with Nycole Turmel, AEU, UES & CULE. Lisa Garnier and Larry Welsh will be attending the meeting. This meeting is to discuss concerns and issues regarding PSAC staff.

Website Honorarium – Resolution 13 – Convention

M/S/C Heather Longstaff/Jack Rudd

THAT Patrick Bragg be given a $500.00 honorarium for his work on the web-site.

Member at Large Elections

The deadline is February 24th. If a runoff election is needed the deadline will be March 24.

Resolutions coming out of CULE Convention will be dealt with at the March Executive Conference Call meeting.

Lisa is working with Bob, on a letter to CLC regarding CULE affiliating with CLC. A letter will also be sent to Nycole Turmel requesting her support.

Resolution 28 – Policy Paper – CULE members

Members in Vancouver RO are working on this paper and will report back to the Executive so that a Committee can be struck to review.

Discussion on MOU #6 staffing action

MOU #3 – Discussion regarding staffing of vacant positions. The CULE members on the Staffing Committee will be Lisa and Larry. Lisa will contact Penny to set up a meeting.

Secretary Grievances – Strike Pay

Marion will follow up with Pam Peckford regarding grievances. A policy grievance to be filed as soon as possible.

Lisa and Tom will be meeting with Cathy and Penny and striking a committee regarding Out Days.

All information regarding Grievances filed by CULE members should be sent to Marion for the records.

Next Executive Meeting will be Monday March 13th at 1:00 pm Ottawa time.

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