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CULE Executive conference call minutes, December 20, 2005

Canadian Union of Labour Employees Executive Meeting – Conference Call December 20, 2005 12:30 Ottawa time


Lisa Garnier, President Heather Longstaff, Secretary Gail Chafe, Treasurer Marion Agadzi, CULE ll Vice President Larry Welsh, CULE l Vice President Debbie McLaughlin, Director Atlantic Bob Allen, Director, NCR Tom Hamilton, Director, Ontario Bruce Campbell, Director, Prairies Jack Rudd, Director, British Columbia Jim Brohman, Director, North

Oath of Office was read out by Lisa and all members of the Executive were sworn in.

Executive Meeting – Discussion on the face to face Executive meeting in the spring. Plans had been made for a March meeting but after discussion it was decided to plan the meeting around the PSAC Convention (weekend before Convention). Discussion regarding Executive members attending Convention will be held at the Convention in Cuba.

Marion will help Heather to book a suitable hotel.

Member at Large – As per the constitution it was decided that there is a need for a CULE 11 Member at large position on the executive. Heather will send out a call for nomination to all CULE 11 members. The deadline will be January 13 for nominations but the vote will take place after Convention. The Ottawa Regional Office will conduct the Vote.

Committee Reports – Bruce will be the Executive member on the General Resolutions Committee and Gail will now be the member on the Finance Committee. Reports should be sent to Heather asap.

Merger Committee – Discussion on replacing the CULE 11 Executive member position on the Merger Committee

M/S/C Bob/Gail

THAT Heather will sit on the Merger Committee as the executive member. Lisa will contact Dolly to advise of the change.

Convention Details – Heather and Bob have volunteered to be recorders at Convention.

Lisa, Larry and Marion will be responsible for Rules of Order.

Marion reported on Cancellation fees for Cuba Convention.

NEU member is having a problem obtaining leave for CULE Convention. Jim will deal with the situation.

Bargaining Unit Work – AEU sent a letter to the Employer stating that Regional Representatives were not to do AEU work. This is a problem in the G&A section.

CULE Website – Following Convention we will have a discussion with Patrick regarding the website and the feasibility of only CULE members having access to certain sections of the website.

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