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CULE Executive 2018-2020 and Contact Information

President, MaryAnne Laurico, Kingston, ON, email:

Vice President Unit 1, Rebecca Thompson, Yellowknife, NWT, email:

Vice President Unit 2, Kellie Loshak, Kingston, ON, email:

Treasurer, Sandra Goodick, Thunder Bay, ON, email:

Secretary, Nancy Johnson, email:

Director, Equity, Hetty Alcuitas, Vancouver, BC, email:

Director, Atlantic Region, Corina Harding, St. John’s, NFLD, email:

Director, National Capital Region, Raphaëlle Valay-Nadeau, Ottawa, ON, email:

Director, Ontario Region, Joan Ann Gravesande, Toronto, ON, email:

Director, Prairie Region, Dolly Ablitt, Calgary, AB, email:

Director, British Columbia Region, James Little, Vancouver, BC, email:

Director, North Region, Joshua Paddon, Whitehorse, YT, email:

CULE International Solidarity Committee c/o Monica Urrutia, email:

For questions or comments regarding the website:

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