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CULE Equality Statement

Solidarity within CULE is based on the principle that all members are equal. Any behaviour that is demeaning or disrespectful prevents us from working together to strengthen our Union. As trade unionists, mutual respect, co-operation, inclusion and understanding are our goals. We will not condone, nor tolerate, any behaviour found to undermine the dignity or self-esteem of an individual or group.

Harassment in any form (racial, sexual or other), is the use of real or perceived power to abuse or humiliate. Harassment is prejudicial and will not be treated as a joke. Harassment generates uneasiness, discomfort, and injury, which weakens our Union and the overall Labour Movement. Harassment focuses on the things that make us different, effectively dividing our membership. Through the principles of equality we build solidarity through our shared concerns, such as our families, decent wages, safe working conditions, fairness at work, and justice in society.

We believe that the policies and practices of CULE must reflect our commitment to equality. We believe all people are to be treated equally and with mutual respect in our workplaces, in society and in our labour organizations. We urge members of CULE to participate fully in our Union and social justice activities, by regarding sisters and brothers with dignity, equality and respect.

This statement was duly M/S/C by Debbie McLaughlin, Bruce Campbell and carried.

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