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CULE Convention travel survey/application

At its March 2005 meeting, the Executive established that the CULE Convention will be held later this year on December 3rd and 4th, 2005. Members had already decided that the location will be somewhere in Cuba, and W.E. Travel has been looking at 4 Star accommodation suited to our needs, likely in Varadero, which is well served by Air Canada flights out of Toronto. The convention will be held at the Sol Palmeras Hotel in Veradero. The attached documents contain more information.

Our initial hope to go to CUBA in early December had to be changed due to the unavailability of a suitable facility. Therefore we went back to WE Travel to find a Resort that would accommodate children under the age of 14. The new dates are January 16 – 23 (1st week) and January 20 – 27 (2nd week). This means the CULE Convention will be held Saturday January 21 and Sunday January 22nd, 2006.

As a result, decisions need to be made rather quickly to ensure we receive the early booking discount. To assist us, you need to fill out the attached survey and return it no later than May 8th to Marion Agadzi Fax: 416-485-8607, or email back to:

The survey is available as a pdf document: CULE Convention Application


CULE will cover the costs of each of its members flying into Toronto, staying overnight, if need be, then flying out the next day to either Varadero or Havana, depending on specific flying dates. Double (or Single if required) accommodation in an all inclusive 4 star resort for the weekend or for up to one week (price is virtually identical) will also be covered as would be any necessary ground transportation in Cuba. CULE will also cover additional accommodation in Toronto should such be required on the return trip for members. Generally speaking, individual members will be responsible for all costs including – but not limited to – leave to attend, parking and local transport to their closest airport, food and drink while in transit but not at the resort in Cuba. Also, additional costs related to extending one’s stay beyond the week mentioned above. Expenses related to other family or friends accompanying members to the Convention will not be covered by CULE.

Upon request CULE will make a non refundable deposit of $150.00 on your behalf for your spouse, family or guests. Please indicate this on the attached survey form. You will be responsible to reimburse CULE for this amount. A Few Little Reminders:

Passport: If you don’t have a valid passport, please start applying for one now to avoid the rush. (you need to have 6 months validity left on your passport at the time of departure)

What to take: A list of suggestive things to take with you will be forwarded to you soon from your Host/Administrative Committee

Still to come: Agenda, Call out for Resolutions, info on Solidarity Coalition Liaison, Info on Donations to Cuba, … and more


Varadero – Cuba

Destination: Sol Palmeras Resort – 4*(see Air Canada Vacations Booklet or website)

Cost: Approx. $1,565.00 per person for double occupancy (taxes included)

Cost for children under 13 years old $845.00 (taxes included)

Cost for additional weeks are as follows:

One week double occupancy – approx. $775.00 per person

One week single occupancy – approx. $950.00 per person

The above prices are based on Toronto departures. Connector flights will be added for an additional cost. The following are a few examples of connector fares:

* Whitehorse to Toronto: $350 + 10.00 + tax * Vancouver to Toronto: $160 + 20.00 + tax * Calgary to Toronto: $150 + 15.00 + tax * Halifax to Toronto: $120 + 10.00 + tax


Phone #:

Are you planning to attend the Convention? Yes ____ No _____

If so, would you be staying for:

____ just the weekend traveling the Friday before and the following Monday,

____ the week preceding the Convention

____ the week following the Convention

Are you planning to extend your stay beyond the week at your own costs? Yes __ No ___

2nd Week Option:

______ Jan 9 to Jan 16 (departing on Jan 23rd.)

______ Jan 27 to Feb. 3 (arriving on Jan. 20th)

______ Other (please specify)

Would you be bringing someone with you? Yes ____, No ____, How many? ______

If so would they be sharing the same room? Yes ____, No _____

If you intend to bring children, how old would they be? ______ _____ _____

Do you require additional bedrooms at your own expense? Yes ____, No _____

Special Needs (Examples: Room needs, Smoking needs for room reservations, Dietary needs, other)

Would family care concerns be a barrier to you attending the Convention? If so, please specify.

Please return to: Marion Agadzi, Fax: 416-485-8607 or email:

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