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CULE Convention Resolutions Committee call out

This will serve as official notice seeking volunteers to sit on one of the following convention resolution committees: Finance; Constitution or General. As per the recommendation of the Convention Committee there will be two (2) CULE members on the Finance committee; four (4) CULE members on the Constitution committee and four (4) CULE members on the General committee.

The general and constitution resolution committees will have at least one (1) CULE I member and one (1) CULE II member. In addition, of the eight seats available for these two resolution committees the NEU members are guaranteed a minimum of at least one (1) seat. This will only occur if NEU members volunteer.

In the event that there are more volunteers than seats available on the resolution committees an election will be conducted. We will use the same voting process as is currently being used to determine who will sit on the merger committee.

The role of these three convention resolution committees will be no different than PSAC or Component convention resolution committees. More information on this will be posted here soon.

Any interested volunteers should forward their name to Lise Boucher c/o the North Bay Regional Office. The deadline in which to submit your name is: June 10, 2005

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