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CULE Convention Q's & A's

Here are some questions and answers regarding the CULE Convention prepared by your Executive.

1. Why are we having a convention at all and especially why in Cuba?

* A motion was passed at the March 2001 CULE Executive meeting that a committee be struck to investigate the feasibility of holding our first ever convention. It would be the first time that all CULE members would be present at the same gathering and provide the opportunity for members to determine the direction of their union. * In July 2003 a majority of CULE members decided in a referendum vote to hold a convention. In April 2004 a majority of CULE members identified in a referendum vote three locations where the convention could be held. Finally in November 2004 a majority of CULE members decided in a referendum vote that the convention would be held in Cuba. This Executive is committed to carrying out the wishes of democratic processes and ensuring that this convention will be everything we want it to be.

2. Will advancing funds from our operating budget limit CULE’s ability to conduct union business?

* As of December 31, 2004 our assets are $233,455.00. Part of those monies include the $46,170.00 (as of December 31, 2004) that is in a separate convention account.

3. Has the cost of this convention increased as a result of advancing funds from our operating budget?

* Not at all. In fact, being able to advance funds from one account to another will only ensure that the cost of the convention remains at the best possible cost.

4. Are there any advantages to holding the convention in January 2006?

* There are many advantages. For example, we have a clear idea of what the regional office workload will look like in January 2006. If we delay, the workload could change drastically and not allow all CULE members the opportunity to participate. If we hold the convention before it is paid for, we will know the exact cost and be able to stop the special levy when those costs are met. If the delegates to this convention vote to hold a second convention the special levy to fund the next convention, can continue to apply.

5. I would prefer to fly out of a major centre other than Toronto but I see that all flights are departing from Toronto to Cuba. Why is that?

* At this time the information provided by WE Travel is that there are no other cities that have direct flights to Cuba. If you are aware of any please contact Brother Tom Hamilton in the Toronto RO.

6. If this convention is to be similar to the conventions we are familiar with why haven’t I received information on convention committees?

* Your Executive held a teleconference on May 5th and accepted a couple of recommendations from the convention committee: There will be a Finance, Constitution and General resolution committee. There will be two (2) CULE members and the CULE Treasurer on the Finance committee; four (4) CULE members and one (1) Executive member on the Constitution committee; four (4) CULE members and one (1) Executive member on the General committee. A call-out will take place shortly asking for volunteers. If there is a need for a vote to determine who will be on the committees we will use the same process as is currently being used for the merger committee.

7. I won’t be attending this convention. Can I use all or part of the special levy for another reason or cause?

* No. The .75% was determined by a majority of the membership in a referendum vote to be placed into a special convention account. All of the monies collected in this account will be used for convention related expenses. Like any other convention if a delegate chooses not to go they can’t use the money for other reasons.

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