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CULE Convention is fast approaching …

To: All CULE Members From: CULE Convention Committee

The CULE Convention is fast approaching. We have highlighted a few important reminders on what to bring to Cuba.

  1. You will be provided with copies of the agenda and the Convention Committee Reports but please bring a copy of your Collective Agreement, the Constitution and Bylaws, all of which can be downloaded right here on the website.

  2. a passport is essential

  3. if you are bringing children with you, please ensure you have a letter signed by your partner allowing them to leave the country

  4. ensure you have $30 approximately 25 pesos for airport fees

  5. electronic devices and laptops may pose a problem

  6. Canadian currency

  7. Donations for schools and hospitals

CULE members, who are unable to attend the Convention, are encouraged to give their donations to co-workers for delivery.

The CULE website, thanks to Colleen MacKay from the Charlottetown, also contains wonderful newsletters on traveling to Cuba. Please take the time to review them.

We look forward to seeing you in Cuba.

In solidarity, CULE Convention Committee

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