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CULE bargaining update

Dear Brother and Sisters,

Your CULE Negotiating Team met with the Employer on May 17 and 18th and exchanged demands. Our final package of demands, as well as the Employers proposals are available below. Discussion took place on all the demands and we are happy to report several non monetary articles were signed off.  We had hoped to meet with the employer in June but they were unavailable, the next bargaining dates are scheduled for July 15 – 19 and August 27 – 31.

  1. Download the CULE Bargaining demands – 2007 (pdf)

  2. Download the Employer proposals – 2007 (pdf)

In our continuous efforts to collaborate with the other staff unions we had a short meeting with AEU and COPE on May 17. Unfortunately, UES planned to attend but was unable.

We appreciate your email, phone calls and other ways of showing and voicing your support prior to and during our meeting with the employer.

In Solidarity, Your Negotiating Team.

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