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CULE Bargaining Team elections

Here are the nominees for the members of the CULE/PSAC Bargaining Team. The team will consist of two members each from Units I & II, as well as the CULE President.

Click on the candidate’s name for a bio/statement. They will be posted as they become available.


  1. Maggie Armstrong: nominated by Debbie McLaughlin, seconded by Bruce Campbell.

  2. Linda Cross: nominated by Judith Monteith-Farrell, seconded by Dave Jackson

  3. Janice Grant: nominated by Mark Rogers, seconded by Debbie McLaughlin

  4. Larry Welsh: nominated by Anna Goguen, seconded by Bob Allen


  1. Patrick Bragg: nominated by Pamela Peckford, seconded by Heather Longstaff

  2. Gail Chafe: nominated by Kelly Loshak, seconded by Lino Vieira

  3. Heather Longstaff: nominated by Diane Gallant, seconded by Colleen MacKay

The election will proceed, as usual, using the double-envelope system. Download the ballots below (pdf), print, clearly mark your choice of two team members on the same ballot, and return to Patricia Mullin, c/o the Vancouver RO, with your name, bargaining unit, and worksite clearly marked on the outer ballot.

  1. Ballot for CULE I members

  2. Ballot for CULE II members

Note that CULE I can only vote for CULE I representatives and CULE II for CULE II representatives.

Deadline for receipt of Ballots in the Vancouver RO is December 22, 2006.

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