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CULE Alternate Equity Director Election

Two nominations have been received for the CULE Alternate Equity Director position 2016-1018. Please note only self-ID equity caucus members are eligible to vote.

CULE Alternate Equity Director nominees:

  1. Gravesande, Joan-Ann – nominated by Nancy MacLean & seconded by Monika Duggal

  2. Kimball, Deanna – nominated by Barb Fayant & seconded by Sean Glavine

Please return your ballot to:

PSAC Vancouver RO 200-5238 Joyce St., Vancouver, BC, V5R 6C9 Attn: Hetty Alcuitas (Personal and Confidential)

Please use the double envelope system. Physical ballots must be received in order to be eligible prior to the deadline of end of business day on Monday, February 29, 2016. As usual, we will not accept faxed ballots or proxy votes.

Download a ballot here.

Statements for the candidates will either be posted here or sent to equity caucus email addresses (as requested by the candidates). If you have not filled out a self-ID form, please download and submit the form here. Any questions, please contact Hetty Alcuitas, CULE Equity Director at email:

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