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CULE / AEU Merger Committee

In preparation for the CULE Convention, a merger committe, consisting of 2 Executive members, 2 CULE I members, 2 CULE II members and 1 NEU member is being struck.

4 CULE I members have put their names forward to be on the committee and a vote among CULE I members only will take place.

As time is growing short, we are asking that CULE I members indicate their two choices on this ballot and return it using the double envelope method (please clearly mark your name and worksite on the outer envelope) to the Vancouver RO, c/o Jack Rudd, before September 30th 2005.

PSAC Vancouver Regional Office c/o Jack Rudd 200 – 5238 Joyce Street Vancouver BC V5R6C9

CULE Executive

Brother Jim Brohman Sister Pamela Peckford

Unit I – Vote required, please scroll down for the candidate’s statements. Here is the ballot.

Sister Dolly Ablitt Sister Joan-Ann Gravesande Brother Dave Shaw Brother Rick Taylor

Unit II

Sister Shelley Jamieson Sister Kellie Loshak


Brother Alex Stuit

Candidates’ Statements

Dolly Ablitt

Dolly Ablitt Regional Representative Yellowknife RO

I have been an active member of CULE since 2001 and I currently live in the Northern Region. I live in Yellowknife with my partner Binder Mann and our three children, Frances, Holly and Jacy. I have lived in Yellowknife with my family for the past 13 years and we have become Northerners through and through. I am also a Psychiatric Nurse and Registered Nurse, and have been an active union member in every job that I have held. I am an experienced union activist with the Union of Psychiatric Nurses in BC, the British Columbia Nurses Union and the PSAC. Throughout the years I have participated on a variety of Union committees and structures.

I am willing to dedicate the time required to ensure that the membership is fully informed of all aspects of the pros and cons of any possible merger between CULE and AEU. Personally, I am undecided on this matter and desire more information. I do believe that investigating a “stronger partnership” between the two staff unions is a good start in preparations for the next round of bargaining. I believe that my objectiveness will be an asset and that it is important that this committee is membership-driven to ensure that the report is impartial. If I am selected by the membership to be on the committee I would sincerely like to hear from all members personally about their views.

Thank you for your consideration.

In Solidarity, Sister Dolly Ablitt

Joan-Ann Gravesande

no statement received to date (09/19/05)

Dave Shaw

Sisters and Brothers,

I have placed my name forward to serve you on the merger committee for one reason and one reason only. I want to make our union a viable and credible entity and I will work to make our conditions better and our voice stronger. I have been an active PSAC member and involved in the House of Labour for many years, as well I have been active in political and social justice issues for all of my adult life. What I find now that I have become a CULE member, is that the anomaly of being a union working in a union makes CULE somewhat ineffective. I think the idea of a merge may be a good one, but only if it is a win – win for both unions. I placed my name forward from our region and would like to Thank CULE veterans Fraser Hiscock and Gary Bannister for stepping back and allowing my name to stand from the Atlantic Region. My pledge to every Sister and Brother that votes is; I will ask the tough questions and make the tough decisions with full consultation from all of you. While only a CULE member for 2 years I have been a Labour activist a long time and have always held the credo that it is better to get in the middle and help and improve, than it is to stand on the outside and criticize others. I ask for your support and I will give only what I have, a full commitment to this union and our members.

In Solidarity,

Dave Shaw CULE Member, Atlantic Region Organizer

Rick Taylor

Sisters and Brothers,

As a member of CULE for 25 years, past executive member and past committee member I am putting my name forward for the merger committee. I do this for a couple of reason. Firstly because I believe my many experiences in organizing, negotiations and working with AEU members gives a background that would help the committee in its considerations. Secondly, its a question that has been refered to the CULE executive at least 4 times in the history i’ve lived through and it has never been actioned! I’m a put up or shutup kinda guy, so I thought it was time for me to come forward and help in the many tangible and perceptual factors that need consideration.

In Solidarity,

Rick Taylor

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