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Convention tax implications

Further to the contact made by CULE with a representative of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding the tax implications for CULE members who will be attending the upcoming Convention:

The CRA has advised us that the days of Convention and the travel to and from the Convention, wherever it may be, is a non-taxable activity which can be accessed by CULE members.

For other days there must be Convention meetings, activities or seminars on a daily basis, which CULE members must attend, to support a non-taxable activity. CULE will be responsible for keeping the attendance at all of the meetings, activities and seminars. Any CULE member not attending the non-taxable function will be deemed as taking a “holiday” and therefore be in receipt of a taxable day. For those members, CULE will be required to issue taxable benefit information.

In Solidarity, your CULE Executive

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