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Constitution Vote: update

To: All CULE Members:

After a CULE meeting with the members attending the WOCAMI some concerns regarding some of the language of the Draft Constitution were raised. A recommendation from the group was to have the vote on the amendments to the constitution postponed. The recommendation was taken to the executive and agreed to. The vote on the Draft Constitution will be a postponed. The reasons behind this is to provide some time for feedback or input from any individual members or group of members regarding some of the wording of the changes, to ensure that it probably addresses the intent of various recommendations/resolutions that lead to the amendment.

The executive is asking that if you have input or feedback that you respond immediately as time is a factor. Any of the provisions or mandate of the amended constitution can not take place until this constitution has been voted on by the membership ie: Equity Director election. With this in mind I am requesting that the feedback is received by Dec 14th this will enable the committee to assess and make the necessary changes. Please send your feedback to your director with a cc to myself. Once a review and changes completed the new Draft will immediately be sent out to the Membership again with a new deadline for voting on it.

I appreciate your participation in this and your understanding for the need to ensure what we are voting on is in fact what the members have put forward for change.

I would also suggest that should you have any questions regarding the proposed changes in the draft you have received that you immediately contact you director.

Please note that any votes that have already been cast will be destroyed and we respectfully request that you review the new Draft when it is sent out and vote on that.

Thank you for your input and comments they are greatly appreciated.

In solidarity, Lisa Garnier, CULE President

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