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Committee selection

The CULE executive have had several inquiries regarding the process that was used for the selection of members to sit on the various committees.

The main criteria for committee selection is based on representation from the Bargaining units. The Executive has also tried to select individuals who have not had an opportunity to serve on a committee previously, to give a fair opportunity to all members who wish to participate. The selection is not based on geographic location.

It is felt that the members selected will do an excellent job on the committee in representing the members at large. Should the committee feel at any time that the representation is not adequate they are encouraged to advise the Executive and appropriate action will be taken.

I hope this answers your concerns in regards to the committees.

I want to take this opportunity to also extend a huge thanks to all the CULE members who have submitted their names to sit on the various committees. Your involvement ensures that the work of the committee is reflective of the needs of the membership.

Thank you, Lisa, CULE President

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