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Call out: CULE Solidarity & Resolution 28 Committees

This is a callout for interested members to submit their name to Heather Longstaff to sit on the CULE Solidarity Committee. This Committee may want to look at carrying on solidarity projects similar to the School and Medical supply donations that CULE members co-ordinated for Cuba.

DEADLINE DATE: November 15, 2006

This is a callout for CULE members to sit on a Committee to develop a Policy Paper with regards to Resolution 28 which was passed at the CULE Convention (see below). Please submit names to Heather Longstaff

DEADLINE DATE November 15, 2006

Resolution 28 – Policy Paper

WHEREAS, CULE members have an interest in ensuring that the human resources of the PSAC are managed in a manner which honors union principles and creates a healthy work life balance.WHEREAS, the work of CULE members is one of human resources that the PSAC manages, and

WHEREAS, most management systems were created to maximize corporate profit objectives;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT CULE develop a policy paper which outlines how CULE members could be managed in a way which recognized union principles, creates a healthy workplace and which contributes to a management system where all the participants can have their legitimate needs met.

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