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Bargaining Team Elections

The nomination period has closed for CULE Unit I and Unit II Bargaining Team Members.

The Sudbury Regional Office will be conducting elections, by electronic means, with the assistance of our Treasurer. This process is in line with Regulation 2 of our Constitution.

You will be receiving an electronic ballot at your home email address.

The duly nominated candidates are below. If a candidate submitted a platform, a PDF of that platform is posted beside their name.


Joan Ann Gravesande (Nominator – James Little, Seconder – Debbie St. Germain) CULE 1

Anna Goguen (Nominator – Sean Glavine, Seconder – Dolly Ablitt) CULE I bargaining team – Anna Goguen EN CULE I bargaining team – Anna Goguen FR


Kellie Loshak (Nominator – Hetty Alcuitas, Seconder – Colette Mann) CULE II Bargaining Team Member – Nov 2018

Monika Duggal (Nominator – Jacqueline Maurice, Seconder – Brenda Shaimaiyuk) BTM II 2018

Nancy Johnson (Nominator – Marion Kirin, Seconder – Genevieve Babineau) Nancy Johnson Candidacy

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