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Archive- Support your CULE Bargaining Team!

March 25, 2011

As you know CULE is at the table this weekend … here are some messages and photos of support. Want to send a message or photo to the team? Email and we’ll post it here!

And a little ditty from Gander …


Where do we fit, when bargaining begins? Where will we fit, when bargaining ends? Will we have got the best, from the employer’s pot? Or will we be on strike until the employers rot? Will our demand for medicare be thought of as a need? Or will the employer continue their battle of greed? Do they even understand the position we are in? Were they even honest, when the bargaining did begin? Are they not aware our team is really strong? Understanding all our needs, how could CULE go wrong? Faith in the team is what we wish to shout, But faith in the employer is really one of doubt. So, task them at every turn, as you work so hard And know of our unrelenting support, that’s why we signed the CARD.

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