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March 26, 2011


CULE/PSAC BARGAINING UPDATE #5 – MARCH 26, 2011 Your negotiating team met with the Employer March 24, 25 and 26 in Ottawa. While progress was a little slower, we were able to sign off on a few more items. The Employer confirmed its position that the .6% funding was a “sunset clause” and; therefore, they have not contributed since May 1, 2010. Further it is also the Employer’s position that any continuation of the .6% funding would need to be negotiated and those costs would be part of any settlement reached. CULE maintains the position that the .6% was on-going funding by the Employer as confirmed by the previous CULE Negotiating team. The Employer is currently in arrears of approximately $175,000. This continues to be a significant issue between the parties. Other major issues still outstanding are as follows:

  • Employer’s proposal to delete Article 23.08;

  • Rollbacks in benefits as follows: “up to $9.95 per prescription dispensing fee, cap on massage therapy of $750.00 per year per claimant. Once again CULE has maintained the position that we will not accept any “concessions”;

  • The Employer amended its position on pay to the following: 1.5%,1.25% and 1.25% in a three year agreement. CULE maintained its position on pay (see previous bargaining update) save and except that the flat rate increase for Unit II would only apply in the first year;

  • The Parties have moved closer on improvements to the car allowance but the issue remains outstanding;

  • CULE has maintained its position of a “freeze” on the level of benefits, including the pension plan, on cost sharing and premiums as in place May 1, 2010;

  • CULE’s Career Enhancement Position proposal to increase the person years to two (2) one of which would be dedicated to an equity group member.

The following issues have been agreed to but not signed off: Vacation leave improvements and Bilingual allowance increase. The parties signed off on an MOU regarding the Northern Allowance Committee to meet during the life of the collective agreement; MOU governing the terms and conditions for Student Employees. Positive progress is being made by the sub-committee to address Article 5 and Appendix “B”. The parties have signed an agreement to extend the appointment of the Federal Conciliation Officer until April 20, 2011 and have agreed to resume bargaining April 17-19, 2011 inclusive in Ottawa. We thank you for your continued support. Members of the negotiating team and your CULE Executive will be discussing solidarity (see CULE website) and mobilizing activities within the next two weeks. Your negotiating team

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