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Archive- CULE bargaining update

June 26, 2007

Your CULE Negotiating Team has had numerous inquiries regarding information regarding what has been agreed to thus far at the table. Although we will not be going into detail around the language in our bargaining updates and reports, we are committed to ongoing communication with our membership and will provide a brief overview of the areas in which we have been successful. The entire package of signed off language will not be distributed until an agreement has been reached. Until that time we will continue to keep the membership informed as to our progress.

During our meeting with the Employer on May 17 and 18th, discussion took place on all the demands and we are happy to report we were successful in coming to agreement on language around several non monetary articles. These include the following articles/clauses: 2.01 – definition of child, 11 (information to Union and Employees), 12.05(new) – Regional Joint Equity committees, 18.04 (Compensation for Travel), 21.02 & 21.11 – definition of family, MOA #5 – in residence Staff conferences, NEW – (Income Averaging Leave), 25.02 – Car insurance, Art 25.13(b) – VTA and some editorial changes.

The next bargaining dates are scheduled for July 15 – 19 and August 27 – 31. We are expecting to discuss monetary issues at our July dates.

We appreciate your email, phone calls and other ways of showing and voicing your support prior to and during our meeting with the employer.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiating Team

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