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Archive- Call for nominations: CULE/PSAC Negotiating Team, CULE II Member at Large

January 28, 2010

CULE Negotiating Team

We are accepting nominations to fill the following positions on the CULE Negotiating Team

  • Two (2) Unit I

  • Two (2) Unit II

  • One (1) from the Equity Caucus

Note that as per a resolution passed by the Executive, nominators and seconders for the Equity position on the team must be self-ID’d members of the Equity Caucus.

Download PDF • 17KB

The deadline date for nominations is: February 12, 2010. Please fax nominations to the Rosemary MacKenzie c/o the Victoria Regional Office – fax: 250-953-1066.

CULE II Member at Large

As per Section 5B(i) of the CULE Constitution, to ensure adequate representation on the Executive we will be electing a CULE II Member at Large, as well as an alternate. This is the call for nominations for CULE II Member at Large.

Download PDF • 16KB

Nominations close February 17, 2010. Please return the nomination form to Marion Agadzi c/o the Toronto Regional Office – fax: 416-485-8607f

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