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Appeal for Donations for the Philippines

Dear friends,

The Filipino people need our support and solidarity! Since 2001, under the regime of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, there have been over 1000 victims of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances in the Philippines. This includes 160 women and children who have been killed as part of the government’s counter-insurgency program Oplan Bantay Laya I and II (Operation Freedom Watch). These statistics do not count the growing number of those forcibly displaced from their homes by intensifying militarization.

The long-standing civil war coupled with the unwillingness of the Arroyo regime to commit to peace negotiations and the chronic economic and political crisis in the country are the reasons why many have been forced to migrate abroad to countries like Canada in order to support our families back home.

In response, community organizations in Canada are seeking your expressions of support (both material and financial) for the people of the Philippines.

As overseas Filipino-Canadians and concerned Canadians it is vital to continue to build our direct people-to-people support in the face of increasing hardships and adversity facing the Filipino people.

In partnership with the Canadian Union of Labour Employees (CULE), we will be sending any donations gathered to SAMAKANA, a member organization of GABRIELA Philippines*, the national alliance of women’s organizations in the Philippines.

SAMAKANA (which literally means join us or come and join) is a nationwide federation women from urban poor communities struggling against the adverse consequences of national economic policies on women, focusing on poverty, inflation, homelessness, unemployment and the lack of social services for urban poor communities.

SAMAKANA has listed the following as priority materials:

Medical supplies:

  1. acetominophen (adult and pediatric)

  2. ibuprophen (adult)

  3. diphenydramine (adult and pediatric) – for hives/allergies

  4. generic antacids

  5. oral rehydration salts

  6. vitamins such as: folic acid; maternal vitamins; iron supplements (adult); calcium supplements;

  7. multivitamins; B-complex

  8. topical antibiotic cream

  9. hydrocortisone cream

  10. non-latex examination gloves

  11. wound spray

  12. rubbing alcohol

  13. anti-septic solution

  14. anti-bacterial gels/soaps

  15. bandage tape

  16. larger bandages

  17. cotton swabs

  18. cotton balls

  19. sterilized gauze

  20. toothbrushes

  21. toothpaste

Schools supplies:

  1. school bags for children

  2. pencils

  3. crayons

  4. pens

  5. erasers

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us at the following locations:

  1. Vancouver – Philippine Women Centre of B.C., 451 Powell Street, ph: 604-215-1103, e:

  2. Toronto – Philippine Women Centre of Ontario, 1093 Davenport, ph: 416-519-2553, e:

  3. Montreal – Philippine Women Centre of Quebec, 4900 Fulton Street, ph: 514-678-3901, e:

If you are unable to make a material donation please send financial donations to:

Attention: Philippine Women Centre of B.C. 451 Powell Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1G7 Please signify that your donation is for the PHILIPPINE DISASTER RELIEF fund

The donations we collect will go directly to provide support to the women doing community work in the Philippines.

In solidarity, National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada

Vancouver – Philippine Women Centre of B.C. Filipino-Canadian Youth Alliance Filipino Nurses Support Group SIKLAB (Overseas Filipino workers’ organization) B.C. Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines Sinag Bayan Cultural Arts Collective

Toronto – Philippine Women Centre of Ontario

Montreal – Philippine Women Centre of Quebec

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