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A CULE / Philippine Solidarity Campaign: Year of Solidarity and a Commitment to Continue the Struggl

A Year of Solidarity and a Commitment to Continue the Struggle!

May 29th will mark the one year anniversary of the Canadian Union of Labour Employees’ (CULE) Solidarity Campaign with the Philippines.

In partnership with the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC), CULE joined the Filipino community and its supporters across the country last May 2007 to demonstrate solidarity with women and workers in the Philippines.

“We have learned that the Philippines is the second most dangerous country for trade unionists,” explains CULE President Lisa Garnier. “We needed to act on the situation in solidarity with the Filipino people, especially amongst some of its hardest hit – urban poor women,” Garnier added.

Members of CULE and NAPWC have contributed to and sent ten balikbayan boxes to date filled with basic medical supplies and school supplies for children through SAMAKANA in the Philippines.

SAMAKANA, (United Urban Poor Women), is a nationwide federation of women from urban poor communities struggling against the adverse consequences of national economic policies on women, focusing on poverty, inflation, homelessness, unemployment and the lack of social services for urban poor communities.

“The Filipino community commends CULE for its support and continued commitment to its Solidarity with the Philippines campaign,” lauds Cecilia Diocson, Executive Director of NAPWC. “We encourage more trade unions in Canada to learn about the current situation in the Philippines and to stand in solidarity with the Filipino people.”

CULE represents staff employed in the regional offices of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and employees of the Nunavut Employees Union, a Component of the PSAC. NAPWC has member organizations in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

For more information please contact for CULE and for NAPWC.

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